Exploring the basic science of weather and climate

Science investigations, triggers and tools to use for exploring the water cycle, heat transfer and ocean currents with children 8-12 years of age.

Category: #2 Climate Accessibility [Science, Education]


Understanding of the links between the ocean and weather and climate are essential as we engage students on the concepts of climate change. A basic knowledge and awareness of the physical and chemical properties at play in this dynamic system help students to explore their role in creating change, as part of the biological world. In this session we will demonstrate some simple investigations, triggers and tools that can be used for children to explore these concepts and help build science and mathematics skills, while also exploring communication, creativity, the role of active citizenship and further Explorers Education Programme Resources.

About the organiser:

The Explorers Education Programme funded and support by the Marine Institute promotes ocean awareness, knowledge and engagement, as well as supports ocean literacy and marine education in primary schools in Ireland. Our mission is to inspire children and educators to become marine leaders and ocean champions by promoting our marine and maritime identity and heritage, as well as making informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.


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