Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) and its Implications for the Sustainable Development Goals

Online panel discussion on CDR.


This event will be held online and features four ten-minute presentations followed by a half-hour moderated Q&A session, during which the audience is invited to ask questions. The event will be recorded for additional dissemination. A short article summarizing the event will be released at a later date.



Mr. Andrew Hudson, Head of the UNDP Water & Ocean Governance Programme.

Dr. Brian Von Herzen, Founder and Executive Director of the Climate Foundation.

Ms. Romany M. Webb, Associate Research Scholar at Columbia Law School and Senior Fellow at the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law. 

Mr. Kristian Teleki, Director of the Sustainable Ocean Initiative at WRI, Director of the Friends of Ocean Action for the World Economic Forum, and Head of the Secretariat of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.


Ms. Linda Jonsson, Associate Expert, UNEP Marine and Coastal Unit, Ecosystems Division.



Dr. Si Chen, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

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The recording for this session is now available. Please click on the link below.

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