Sustainable development in remote communities through energy solutions

This presentation will show the analysis of different case studies within rural communities highlighting how the energy transition has impacted their lives and different potential solutions that can be implemented.


The transition toward modern, clean, affordable, and sustainable isolated energy systems and its relationship with the sustainable development of remote communities will be reviewed in this session. Through the analysis of different case studies, the critical parameters that have allowed some isolated communities in the world to develop sustainable energy systems will be shown. These parameters are frequently beyond technical features. Moreover, how the energy transition has impacted local development in these communities will also be discussed. Finally, different potential solutions that can be implemented depending on the current state of each community energy system will be highlighted.

About the organiser:

Fabián Barría Oyarzún is an electrical engineer and MSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Chile. He is currently an MPhil candidate in Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge. He has worked for 9 years in the energy sector and his current dissertation project was on sustainable development through energy solutions in remote communities. His interest related to how the energy sector is related to the sustainable development of communities and the preservation of nature.


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