Writing the curriculum for a Biodiversity badge for YUNGA & Finding and reducing your carbon footprint

Workshop to work out a school carbon footprint using real data producing graphs for energy, transport and waste. 

Category: #2 Climate Accessibility [Education]



This session comprises a talk (30 mins) and a workshop (1hr).

The workshop can fit into three groups of pupils who will rotate around to actually work out a school carbon footprint using real data. 15 mins per group. They will work out and produce graphs for energy, transport and waste. They will come together at the end for a plenary. Maximum number of 11-18yr olds would be 12 per group giving a total of 36 maximum for the workshop.

The talk is for all ages.

The workshop is aimed at secondary age school pupils 11-18.

About the organiser:

Karen Marshall is a science teacher at The Ladies’ College in Guernsey. She is working towards greening the college and aiming to live sustainably on the island. Karen is coordinating moving the school towards net zero, including introducing a new Biodiversity badge for the island, working out how to reduce dependence on the car and identifying sustainability hacks to lower your carbon footprint.


How to Register - Biodiversity Badge

This is an ONLINE session with limited spaces. Please register and encourage your students to register for the workshop as well.


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