How to make plant based diets accessible to all

Learn about some simple changes you can make to your eating habits that can improve your health and energy levels that can also help the planet.


Let’s make eating for the environment and our planet tasty, easy and great for our health! Who doesn’t want to feel good on the inside and outside, reduce fatigue, increase longevity, look their best and prevent lifestyle diseases?

By making some simple changes to your eating habits, you can improve your health and energy levels (and even lose weight) while eating delicious plant-based food, whether you want to be fully plant-based or just reduce consumption of animal products.

Vanessa will give you simple tips that anyone can implement which are wins for you and the planet!

About the author:

Vanessa Sturman is a Plant Based Health Coach who helps people reduce fatigue, get a healthy weight and glow with vitality using the most delicious plant-based food (whether you want to be fully plant-based or not). She graduated from Cambridge University with a BA(Hons) and MPhil, spent years as a plant-based recipe creator and has been featured on Sky News, BBC and LBC. Vanessa’s aim is to make eating for our health and the planet easy, fun and tasty!



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